Alopecia Areata: Understanding and Coping with Hair Loss
Wendy Thompson and Jerry Shapiro
John Hopkins University Press, 1996
ISBN: 0801853524

The Big Fall : Living With Hair Loss
Sheila Jacobs
Next Century Books, 1992
ISBN: 0969473419

CHILDREN'S BOOKS (reviews taken from, March 2000)

Princess Alopecia
Yaacov Peterseil, Avi Katz (Illustrator)
Pitspopany press, 1999
Hardback ISBN: 0943706262
Paperback ISBN: 0943706254

Princess alopecia is the first picture book aimed at young children with alopecia areata and their friends. The story line, supported with colorful illustrations, details the physical development of alopecia areata and the emotional rollercoaster ride for Princess Alopecia. Princess Alopecia lives in the town of Follicle and loves to play Rapunzel in the town's annual festival. One day she notices a patch of hair loss which gets bigger and bigger. Princess Alopecia tries to hide her hair loss from her school friends, but they are suspicious. With the help of their school teacher, Princess Alopecia's friends learn about alopecia areata and how they can help her. The book provides an excellent way to introduce and explain alopecia areata to young children and may encourage children to talk about their feelings and thoughts on hair loss.

The Princess Who Lost Her Hair : An Akamba Legend
Tololwa M. Mollel, Charles Reasoner (Illustrator)
Troll Assoc, 1993
ISBN: 081672816X.

This story so accurately reflects alopecia areata that I would suspect it was stimulated by someone who had alopecia areata. The book is based on an East African legend about a princess who was very proud of her hair but lost it in a gust of wind. Ashamed, the princess hides away. In true fairy tale fashion, a poor boy finds the tree that grows hair and saves the day. The princess is less obsessed with her hair, marries the boy and they live happily etc. etc. Goof stuff and maybe an appropriate tale to use as a springboard to discuss alopecia areata with a young child.

The Paper Princess
Elisa Kleven
E P Dutton, 1994
ISBN: 0525452311

This is classic lost and found story but for children with alopecia areata it has an added dimension. A little girl cuts out a paper princess, but before she can finish the doll by adding some hair, the wind blows the princess away. The princess tries on lots of different "hair" such as a cloud and candy wrappers. Finally, a jay bird gives her some real hair from its nest and the princess eventually finds her way home.

Laura Levine (Illustrator)
Hyperion, 1995
ISBN: 0786800798

I guess it depends on the sensitivity of your children whether this is an appropriate book to read. Based on the song by the B-52s, this book describes a world of very odd characters and their crazy wigs. Great illustrations. A very different, off the wall kind of children's book.

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