If you're like me and do not want to wear a wig all the time, or maybe not at all, here are some alternatives and suggestions.

If you choose not to wear a wig but still want some sort of coverage, hats, scarves and turbans are ideal. The sky is the limit... be creative, think outside of the box. Check out your local thrift store, rummage through your Mom's, Gramma's or Sister's accessory drawer. Scarves, broaches, silk flower pins, belts and string belts can all look beautiful tied around a turban.

Create the look of having hair by adding bangs, hair fringes or face framers. Wearing these, not only softens your look, but will give you the illusion of hair. They are ideal for wearing under hats or scarves. For most of us, wearing both a hat and a full wig will be too warm as well as uncomfortable. Most importantly, wearing a wig and a hat will damage your wig in a short period of time. The fibers will become frizzy, creating a worn out look. Before you realize it, your wig will look like a wig.

We lose 60 to 70 percent of our body heat through our head. You will probably feel chilled at night, especially in the colder months of the year. Sleep caps, made from light weight cotton, provide warmth and comfort. Look for a design with elastic at the back; it will help keep the cap on throughout the night. Caps are better than tied scarves which tend to slip off. Sleep caps are also very comforting for an overnight hospital stay.

As we all know, sun coverage is extremely important, so look for hats with a large brim. In the winter months, warm, soft hats will provide the comfort we look for in life. Don't just stop at one hat, build yourself a hat wardrobe, you deserve it!

If a friend asks you, "Is there anything I can do for you?" Your answer should be "Yes! You could help me create an accessory wardrobe." Your loved ones will want to support you, but may not be sure how; throwing a hat party will build an amazing accessory wardrobe in a fun relaxing atmosphere. I guarantee your support network will be thrilled to be a part of it.

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