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Our salon has an extensive array of wigs, hairpieces, hats, scarves and other accessories.

Our expert and experienced staff will show you what is available and give you guidance while you consider what choices may be right for you.

It is important to Capilia to provide private consultation at 250-590-5772. Email us at leannaeastgate@capilia.ca

Sheila and I provide a unique support system between patient, staff and volunteers. It is important to us to provide consultation in a friendly, respectful, empathetic, caring, fun environment, assisting in the transition from the known to the unknown in order to alleviate some of the stress in a difficult and overwhelming experience. Confidentiality and an awareness of the unique challenges of the individual are just as important to us as providing knowledgeable information to alleviate the stigma attached to baldness, be it a temporary or permanent situation. While we focus on the needs of the individual, we try to find the answers to any problems, our main concern is the well being and satisfaction of our clients even if it means an appropriate referral resulting in the loss of a sale.

We carry a wide range of brands, styles, colors, and prices in order to cater to the individual's need while still providing top quality products. Each of our wigs can be cut and styled in many different ways, meaning your style options are almost unlimited. We find a wig that is the length, color and the amount of curl desired and our stylists thins and cuts the wig to meet or exceed your expectations. Clients are instructed in wearing and styling as well as care and maintenance of their new wig.


If you or your spouse is covered by extended medical benefits, the purchase of your wig may be covered. Call your medical provider for this information. If you are covered, you will need to have a prescription from your Doctor indicating "you require a wig for medical reasons" (that is all the insurer needs to know). It does not matter why you need a wig (chemo, alopecia, thinning naturally, etc).

As long as your doctor supports you in this all they have to do is provide you with a prescription, indicating "you require a wig for medical reasons". Submit both the prescription and receipt of sale and you may receive full or partial coverage. The correct medical term for "wig" is "MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS".

This term "Medical Hair Prosthesis" needs to be written on the receipt of sale not "wig".

If you do not have extended medical benefits you should be able to use the receipt of sale towards your medical expenses for Income Tax purposes, check with your accountant.

If you would like to order online, email me at the following address: leannaeastgate@caplia.ca and we will respond promptly.

Our Team


Further to what you have already read on the home page I want to tell you some more details of how I started on this path. After losing all of my hair at the age of 20 and struggling to deal with the reality and the loss of self that followed, I had to begin to rebuild and find resources to help myself through this devastating experience. The patchy hair loss kept me in a constant state of emotional upheaval, a recluse, not wanting to be seen in public. Scarves and hats became the head gear of choice. Back in 1983, there was not a lot out there, so needless to say it was a hard road. Over the next few years my condition progressed to Alopecia Totallis which means, losing all the hair on the scalp. Eventually it progressed into Alopecia Universallis, the total loss of all body hair, I had to face the reality that it would probably never return.

Wigs and alternate head covers became imperative but where do I go? Finding a small beauty shop that housed very limited quantities and styles of wigs (especially for the young) became my life line. Receiving very little help, I would purchase a wig and leave more depressed than when I entered. As the years progressed, I started to gain confidence and ask questions. Why is there such a lack of quality wigs and stylists? Why aren't the stylists who were supplying the wigs informing their clients how to be fitted for an appropriate style and fit? How do I care for them? There was so little information available and I needed answers.

In 1990, I met my future husband who shortly after was diagnosed with cancer. During his treatments I spent many long hours in the cancer ward. We spent eight years in and out of the hospital with 17 surgeries, radiation treatment and chemotherapy. We were at the Cancer Clinic for days and weeks at a time.

It was easy to leave the wig or hat off at the clinic, others there were in different stages of hair loss from cancer treatments. Questions arose from these patients about wigs and accessories and ways to hide the stigma that is associated with hair loss. I began to wonder if space could be found at the clinic to set up a wig salon. These people needed to feel some hope, the trauma of hair loss from chemotherapy needed to be addressed. There was little acceptance for baldness 10 -15 years ago, especially among women.

With my husband passing, a new self image emerged and a new concept of what was most important for me. I began volunteering at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital and through an introduction to a hair loss specialist, became a volunteer with the "Look Good Feel Better" program. Together with Linda Robinson (a hair loss specialist for 15 years) we had a similar goal, to create a better functioning and informative hair loss portion of the "Look Good Feel Better" program. The expertise of Linda, combined together with my enthusiastic, empathetic support, and personal experience helped to improve the hair loss support program for future patients.

Currently I own the Revive Salon, volunteer for the Look Good, Feel Better program as a wig specialist as well as volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society's donated wig program to help people who cannot afford new wigs.


You have met Leanna, now it is time to meet Sheila, a hair and wig professional with a large heart. Without Sheila the salon would not be the same. Together with her experience and compassion she personifies "excellence". As a stylist for 22 years, Sheila quickly mastered wig styling techniques to create styles that are undetectable as wigs.

In the beginning stages of opening the Salon Revive and choosing staff, Sheila's name was mentioned to me by two individuals. Was this pure coincidence or fate? When I met with Sheila, instantly I knew she was "The One".

Sheila was a stay at home wife and mother of two teenagers, but had decided it was time to re-enter the work field and was excited about her new job. "It's a pleasure coming to work each day knowing the service we offer helps so many people. We listen to our clients' wishes, hopes, fears and desires and try to meet their individual needs. It is the most rewarding, gratifying, inspiring work I have ever done, besides raising my family." Three years later Sheila continues to be highly motivated and looks forward to coming to work.

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